16 Best Holiday Gifts for Pregnant Women 2020 | The Strategist

Photo-Illustration: retailers

Gifts for baby are often top of mind for those with a pregnant person on their gift list, but it can also be nice to gift a mom-to-be something for her own comfort and well-being — especially now, since being pregnant during a pandemic “adds a bit of anxiety on top of already always thinking about the baby’s growth and what I’m putting in my body,” says developer Caláh Jones, who is currently seven months pregnant with her first child. To find something that will bring the pregnant person on your list a bit of calm and joy right now, we asked a handful of pregnant (or recently pregnant) women about the gifts they would actually like to receive.

Whether she’s struggling with morning sickness or restless legs syndrome, craving marshmallows, or looking for maternity clothing that fits her body and her personal style, we’ve rounded up lots of comfortable, stress-reducing gifts — from an electric massager that’s better than a masseuse to a plant-based belly oil made by a Black-owned postpartum-care brand.