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6 Things You’ll Undoubtedly Find in a Woman’s Purse

There’s a common understanding in the man’s world that you can find absolutely anything in a woman’s purse. The truth is that you really can find anything in there. From the tiniest things to enormous gigantic items that you’d never guess are there.

We’re here to show you what the six most common items you’ll surely find in a woman’s purse if you go through it are. Of course, you shouldn’t because it’s private, but if you do, be sure that you’ll find these items nine times out of ten.

1. Phone

Ladies’ best friend – the phone. Whether it’s for entertainment, business, or safety, no one ever leaves without a phone. They might forget their head at home, but they will surely not forget the phone. It’s the third decade of the new millennium, everyone has a smartphone, so it’s normal. See everything about smartphones on this link.

2. Keys

The best place to keep your keys from home or the car is the purse. It’s always next to you and is really handy to get them out of it when need it. There’s no point in placing them elsewhere because you’ll lose them if you do, so the purse’s friend number two – keys.

3. Perfume

There are no women that stick to themselves that has no perfume in their purse. No one knows what the situation might be during the day and if there’s something that might cause her to become sweaty or inconvenient. A lady that smells bad is simply a no-no.

4. Tampons

No women know when her period is going to happen. Everyone must be prepared. On top of this, you never know if there’s a friend who might need one when they are and have no more tampons with them. That’s why every women’s purse always have tampons inside.

5. Glasses

Did you know that 75% of all adults wear glasses? Some use them to see well no matter the situation, and others need them to read. In both cases, glasses must be there. It doesn’t matter if they are cool Calvin Klein glasses or ordinary flea market ones, a girl must be prepared.

6. Condoms

It’s better to be prepared than sorry. We live in some modern times and it’s best to have condoms than not have them and risk getting an infection or pregnancy. Men usually have no place to store such an item, but women sure do. If something unexpected happens, they are always prepared.


If you’ve been wondering what’s inside the women’s purse, no you know the answer. Of course, tons of other items might be found, but these are some of the most common ones.

It’s not cool to go through the stuff, and that’s a rule all men must know. However, if you’ve ever wondered what you can find inside and if it’s true that there are all sorts of things inside, now you have the proof and understanding of what’s inside.