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Confusion among the investors regarding Tesla

Even though Tesla is one of the best cars and electric manufacturing companies in the world, many of the people and investors have some misconceptions about this company. Let’s discuss it in more detail.

Since the past few years, the Role of the Tesla stock company identity in investors is still not clear. Most of them consider tesla in a different way as per their need and understanding about the deeds of Tesla and the news in the media. If we divide such people into categorizing, three main categories come before us. The number of such people who are still not clear about the mission of the company, they think that Tesla is a company as an auto manufacturer and here they are somewhat right.

The other group of investors or people think that auto manufacturing is not a prime work of the company. They think that Tesla is a company who works in the field of software and the design, development, selling etc are the main work of this company.

The third type of people is even more expressive than the 1st and 2nd type. They think that Tesla is neither an auto manufacture company nor a Software company.  According to them, the main field of Tesla is related to Data collection, finding the ideas through these data, storing data and using these data for various types of uses.

If we go in reality, even the company itself doesn’t consider itself as a Data company. The company just uses a different type of data to get better service to the users by providing them, good features in the new products and eliminating the possible cause of discomfort for the users.

For this reason, the company mainly collects data in two main forms. In the first form, it gathers data which users give as feedback about the products and service it provides. In the second form, the company collects data as the suggestions given by the users to improve some particular methods or components from the vehicle or any other devices provided by the company.

Now if we talk about the real identity of Tesla, it is a car manufacturing company. It started as a car manufacturing company in the year 2003. That time the name of this Company was Tesla Motors, Inc. In 2017 the company reduced its name from Tesla Motors, Inc. to Tesla, Inc. only. For the past few years, the company also started designing and manufacturing electric cars. So we can say that Tesla stocks are purchased and sold mainly as the stocks of a company who produces and sells electric cars. You can check its balance sheet at before investing.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.