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Refinery29 Readers Confess Their Amazon Hidden Gems

Amazon is essentially an IRL version of Ariel’s treasure trove, famously detailed in her The Little Mermaid number, “Part Of Your World.” Only instead of a cavernous hole 1000 leagues under the sea, all that “neat” stuff is housed on digital shelves across the web. And, instead of useless, “whozits,” “whatzits,” and, “thingamabobs,” Amazon’s best booty is a collection of secret weapon stuff that we never knew we needed and now we that we have it, simply can’t live without — a collection we’ve come to call, the hidden gems.Since this particular online product ocean runs deep, we decided to poll an in-the-know pool of online-shopping mermaids across the country for their absolute favorite buys. From fashion to tech, beauty, travel, home decor, and health and wellness, the hidden gems’ list ahead covers products so unique that you may be entirely surprised to find they were snagged off Amazon. Scroll on to shop our secret treasure trove of Amazon’s hidden gems and become a part of a world filled with beauty products that are actual magic, the breeziest summer essentials, genius home gadgets, and much more. Don’t forget to spread the good goods for our next round of Amazon hidden gems — we’d love to know what treasures you’ve tried, tested, and approved.Submit your secret Amazon scores, here.At Refinery29, we’re here to help you navigate this overwhelming world of stuff. All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. All product details reflect the price and availability at the time of publication. If you buy something we link to on our site, Refinery29 may earn commission.Germ-x Original Hand Sanitizer (Pack of 48)HannahHow She Discovered It: “I know we’ll be using hand sanitizer for the foreseeable future, so I thought I’d stock up on some pocket-sized bottles.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It’s been hard to find hand sanitizer at all yet alone a 48-pack. This bundle is on sale for $20 off and now I have a stock-pile to give to family and the few friends I see.”Germ-X Original Hand Sanitizer (Pack of 48), $, available at AmazonMini Spy Camera 4K HD WirelessKenzieHow She Discovered It: I have 2 indoor dogs, and they sometimes do naughty things when left in the house alone, so I was looking for a discreet camera option to monitor their activity. Why It’s A Hidden Gem: This was a great purchase. The camera is super tiny and discreet, easy to install, the picture quality is great, and I can check the recording on my phone through an app. Puoneto Mini Spy Camera 4K HD Wireless, $, available at AmazonInvisible Ring Size Adjuster for Loose RingsAlexaHow She Discovered It: “My fingers tend to shrink in the winter when it’s cold and my rings go slipping and sliding off of my fingers. I didn’t want to get my rings resized, so I thought I’d search for a temporary solution.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “This ring adjuster is basically invisible, comfortable, and secures my rings nicely on my fingers!”Freeman Direct Invisible Ring Size Adjuster for Loose Rings, $, available at AmazonCold Kicker Shower SteamersBettyHow She Discovered It: “I was on the hunt for a natural and soothing decongestant to keep around for stuffy-nosed winter days.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “These are amazing. The peppermint smell fills the shower and clears your head and chest. Definitely, a game-changer to have on hand during cold and flu season.”The Herbal Zen Cold Kicker Shower Steamers, $, available at Amazon HandmadeMini Cast Iron SkilletBettyHow She Discovered It: “I have truly watched too many episodes of Great British Bake-Off and decided to peruse Amazon for some new kitchen and baking accessories.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “So, this teeny tiny cast iron skillet is so fun! I bought 3 and have baked eggs and made individual brownies in them. So cute!”Lodge Miniature Cast Iron Skillet, 3.5”, $, available at Amazon100{7a29899c2a662aacc0f1fbce4734bf0fa9b1728ca189d6de0dac31e0a8c80999} Pure Castor Oil KitBreeHow She Discovered It: “I had been complaining about my naturally short lashes to one of my friends and she recommended castor oil as the best natural strengthening and growth serum. I was searching for a 100{7a29899c2a662aacc0f1fbce4734bf0fa9b1728ca189d6de0dac31e0a8c80999} organic option and this one popped up with over 18,000 rave reviews. I hit purchase right away once I saw that it included a lash spool and a tiny brush for eyebrows!”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I was skeptical, but I’ve been using this product daily for just a month and already see a huge difference in the length and volume of my eyelashes. I can’t wait to try it on my eyebrows next.”Kate Blanc Cosmetics Certified Organic 100{7a29899c2a662aacc0f1fbce4734bf0fa9b1728ca189d6de0dac31e0a8c80999} Pure Castor Oil Kit, $, available at AmazonScalp MassagerOliviaHow She Discovered It: “Due to Covid, I haven’t been able to go to the hair salon recently and I’ve really been missing the scalp massages my stylist gives me when she washes my hair. I decided to search for a DIY option and thought this pack of 2 handheld massager tools looked like a promising option.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I used this to scrub my shampoo into my hair and wow it got through my thick hair with ease. The long silicon bristles provided just the right amount of pressure without being harsh. I didn’t realize how much tension I was holding in my scalp, but after my shower I felt like I had just been to the spa. “Cbiumpro Scalp Massager, 2 Pack, $, available at AmazonSatin PillowcasesEmersonHow She Discovered It: “I had heard sleeping on cotton is really bad for your skin and hair, so I’ve always wanted satin or silk pillowcases, but haven’t been up for spending $50+ for just one!”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Because of the price point, I was iffy about how these would feel IRL, but they are so smooth and buttery and make me feel like I’m sleeping at a 5-star hotel. I’ve also noticed a huge difference in my hair, it’s way less frizzy when I wake up in the morning and my style is still intact from the day before. They come in so many colors so I’m definitely ordering a few more to mix and match.”Bedsure Satin Pillowcase for Hair and Skin, 2 Pack, $, available at AmazonMini Waffle MakerRileyHow She Discovered It: “Fall is my favorite season, so I always start prepping early. I know it’s a little overkill, but I look forward to adding a little something pumpkin-related to my apartment each year (that won’t take up too much space). This tiny pumpkin waffle maker had so many great reviews I just couldn’t resist.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “This is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s so tiny, which is actually perfect because each waffle cooks in literally one minute! I also use it way more than I thought I would…pro tip: frozen hash browns and cinnamon roll dough in a waffle maker is next level.”Dash Mini Waffle Maker, $, available at AmazonMotivational Water Bottle With Time MarkerAliHow She Discovered It: “I was searching for a water bottle to help motivate me to drink more water each day. I really didn’t want a giant generic gallon bottle, so this ombre one immediately caught my eye.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I really love this. It hold so much liquid, but is thin enough to fit in my car cup holder and the strap makes is easy to carry on my long walks. Its’ cute-factor definitely makes me tote this around much more than a drinking glass, so I’m for sure drinking more water than ever before. It’s super easy to clean and I can even throw it in the dishwasher. I’m definitely going to be buying the gallon version next.”Giotto 32oz Water Bottle With Time Marker, $, available at AmazonSkin-Clearing SerumElizabethHow She Discovered It: “I’d been hearing a lot of magic skin-clearing serums and was interested in testing out one that wouldn’t upset my overly sensitive skin. After some Googling, I found this top-rated option on Amazon for under $20.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I was nervous about using it for the first few times, but based on the customer images (there are nearly 10,000 reviews) I felt confident that this could work in finally zapping my pesky humidity breakouts. And it did. I’ve been using it for about a month now (putting it on at night after my cleanser and before my moisturizer) and will be ordering another bottle soon. It took about a week for me to start and notice any real results, but this brand’s ratio of vitamin C, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, retinol, and MSM is magic. Those red inflamed bumps on my cheeks and forehead are kaput.”Eva Naturals Skin-Clearing Serum, $, available at AmazonFloating Window Plant ShelfAnaHow She Discovered It: “I had seen an acrylic multi-tiered hanging plant shelf on Etsy that I really wanted, but it was sold out. So I searched Amazon and found this!”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I love plants but live in a tiny apartment that barely gets any light (my succulents always die), and these suction-cup acrylic shelves do the sunlight-reaching trick. Not only do they elevate my plants to the only area in my place that gets sun, but they also look so chic. I bought more than one and actually use it in my bathroom for extra beauty-shelf storage on my mirror!”Window Garden Double Veg Ledge Suction Cup Window Shelf, $, available at AmazonPull-On Linen Shorts LisaHow She Discovered It: “I had my eyes on a pair of pull-on shorts for Madewell that annoyingly kept selling out in my size, so I took to Amazon for a quick fix and stumbled upon these gems.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “The Madewell pair weren’t made from linen and this pair is, which turned out to be a much more summery-chic look and feel. I absolutely love them and have been living in them since they arrived. I think the brand is an Amazon exclusive, in-house type of deal so the quality was on-point and the relaxed fit is just what I wanted. Super comfy and super cute all around.” 28 Palms Inseam Linen Short With Drawstring, $, available at AmazonSwivel Desk ChairCarrieHow She Discovered It: “Searching for an in-stock desk chair that wasn’t an ugly ergonomic style.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I’ve been working from home since March and had been holding off on investing in a proper desk chair until my company finally announced we wouldn’t be heading back into the office until 2021. SO I bit the bullet and bought this beauty off Amazon. It’s by one of the company’s in-house home brands and although it was on the pricier side, it really was a quality buy. Not only does it look sleek inside my apartment, but it also feels so much more supportive on my back throughout the day than that accent chair I had been sitting in.”Rivet Mid-Century Swope Curved Arm Swivel Office Chair, $, available at AmazonGlow TonicMiaHow She Discovered It: “Looking for affordable summer skincare with top ratings that I could order quickly off Amazon.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I was already familiar with Pixi products and had always heard great things about the brand’s Glow Tonic, but after digging DEEP into the Amazon reviews on this gem I was completely sold. It arrived so quickly and after using it for just a few days (morning and night after cleansing) I noticed a huge difference in my skin. My pores were much smaller and the bothersome sebum bumps on my chin area were nearly nonexistent after a week. And the spots where I had previously picked at blemishes were noticeably brighter. Will definitely be ordering more of this magic potion.”Pixi Glow Tonic with Aloe Vera & Ginseng, 8 oz, $, available at Amazon100{7a29899c2a662aacc0f1fbce4734bf0fa9b1728ca189d6de0dac31e0a8c80999} Organic Bamboo Cooling SheetsShaniaHow She Discovered It: “From R29’s roundup on the best cooling sheets.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “When I say I’m a sweaty sleeper, I mean that as in I sometimes wake up with a sweat stain on the bed. Summer 2020 hit and I found myself quarantined away from home where the bedding situation was anything but breathable — so I order this top-rated solution and have never looked back. They were a little scratchy at first, but after a good wash cycle they softened right up and have been keeping my body oh-so sweat-free.”Pure Bamboo 100{7a29899c2a662aacc0f1fbce4734bf0fa9b1728ca189d6de0dac31e0a8c80999} Organic Bamboo Bed Sheets 4pc Set – Queen, $, available at AmazonPeppermint Foot MaskMelissaHow She Discovered It: “A friend who is a beauty writer recommended it!”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Since I haven’t been able to get a pedicure in god only knows how long, I’ve taken the fate of my summer toes into my own hands by getting all the top product tips from beauty-pro friends. This pepperminty foot mask gem from Amazon was one of such recs — and it did not disappoint. After wearing the cooling serum-filled booties for about 20 minutes, my feet felt and looked silkier and smoother (and they smelled like a candy cane). It was like a wonderful little facial for my feet.”LAPCOS Foot Mask, (1-Pack), $, available at AmazonRoller BladesJordanHow She Discovered It: “Bought them for my daughter. Was searching everywhere for a pair and could only find them in stock (for a decent price) on Amazon.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “They’ve been a godsend during a summer stuck at home with the kids. I now can ride my bike while my daughter skates beside me — exercise for me, and fun activity for her! Plus, she loves the pink and black combo. Killing two birds with one stone so I don’t go completely insane.”High Bounce Adjustable Inline Skate, $, available at AmazonClear Habit JournalMelHow She Discovered It: “TKTK.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “TKTK”James Clear Clear Habit Journal [Flagship Size], $, available at AmazonMaui Babe Before & After Sun PackLeslieHow She Discovered It: “A friend recommended it after I complimented her on her insanely good glow.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “As a dedicated self-tan user, I’ve tried just about every brand and trick in the book and am always down to test new suggestions. This did NOT disappoint. First off, it smells amazing (no stinky self-tanner smell). It goes on smooth, makes my skin feel soft, and I really liked how I was able to use it with the natural effects of the sun in a minimal amount of time to get a deep glow without overexposing my skin! Love it.”Maui Babe Browning Lotion 4oz, $, available at Amazon100{7a29899c2a662aacc0f1fbce4734bf0fa9b1728ca189d6de0dac31e0a8c80999} Cotton NightgownMarissaHow She Discovered It: “I added this style to a roundup for work of Instagram-inspired nightgown as dresses trend — it has over 1,500 reviews and an Amazon’s Choice approval — so then I promptly added it to my own cart.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I could not be more pleased with this spontaneous purchase. The quality is A+ and I feel like an extra in a Sofia Coppola flick floating around the house in diaphanous cotton nightie while doing the most mundane chores. (Plus, it looks a little bit like those pricey Sleeper frocks but for a fraction of the price.)”The 1 For U Martha 100{7a29899c2a662aacc0f1fbce4734bf0fa9b1728ca189d6de0dac31e0a8c80999} Cotton Nightgown, $, available at AmazonAnti-Dandruff ShampooAmandaHow She Discovered It: “I read online that people have used this anti-dandruff shampoo to clear up stubborn, yeast-related breakouts on their foreheads (it sounds so gross, I know).”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Unsure of what’s been causing the persistent pimples on my own forehead throughout these past few months of lockdown, I decided to give this a try myself and I couldn’t believe how quickly it cleared my skin up.”nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, 7 Fl. Oz, $, available at AmazonOne-Shoulder Cutout One-PieceAmandaHow She Discovered It: “Saw it in a Refinery29 newsletter email.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I’ve been looking for the perfect one-shoulder swimsuit and never expected to find one that would ultimately become my new favorite on Amazon. And I looked at a lot and tried on even more than I can count, which is why this one has become such a gem buy in my book. The quality and fit are spot-on, it looks cute paired with shorts, and the colors are so vibrant in person!”SweatyRocks One Shoulder Cutout One Piece, $, available at AmazonRevlon Pedi-ExpertKarinaHow She Discovered It: “My fervent love for the wildly popular Baby Foot peel is well known among the R29 Shopping team — and my feet, personally. But, while in quarantine, I decided to take things up a notch by investing in a foot callus remover: aka Revlon’s version of the as-seen-on-TV PedEgg.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “My fervent love for the wildly popular Baby Foot peel is well known among the R29 Shopping team — and my feet, personally. But, while in quarantine, I decided to take things up a notch by investing in a foot callus remover: aka Revlon’s version of the as-seen-on-TV PedEgg.”Revlon Pedi-Expert, $, available at AmazonEVA Waterproof SandalsAliceHow She Discovered It: “Wanted to get a pair of cheap but cute sandals to wear around the house and garden in — saw these as a #1 Bestseller on Amazon.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I love how colorful they are and, more importantly, how they cost me under $20. They are comfy, cute, simple, and get the flopping around the house done.”FUNKYMONKEY Double-Buckle Adjustable EVA Comfort Slides, $, available at AmazonBaby Foot Exfoliation Foot PeelKelseyHow She Discovered It: “I’ve been wanting to try this crazy product ever since our beauty director used it and described, in revolting detail, the metamorphosis her feet went through. Baby Foot promises to rid your soles of the toughest, roughest calluses and reveal the softest feet you’ve had since, like, birth.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It’s been almost two weeks since my Baby Foot treatment and I am, frankly, devastated. Yes, my feet are more smooth and soft than they have ever been in my adult life. But, I long for the heady days of last week when I could look forward to the horrific and thrilling site of my feet emerging from their soak, shedding wondrous layers of dead skin so great I had to keep the vacuum on hand. Sadly, my soles are in such amazing shape that I fear it will be many months before I can justify another treatment.” Baby Foot Original Exfoliant Foot Peel – 2.4 Fl. Oz. Lavender Sce, $, available at AmazonLuxeLuv G-Spot VibratorLucyHow She Discovered It: “From R29’s roundup on Amazon’s best sex toys!”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “As far as quality vibrators go, this nearly $20 model rivals the premium ones that’ll cost you upwards of $100. It’s whisper-quiet with powerful tip vibrations and a simple incognito design. Plus, it’s super easy to order discretely off Amazon.”Luxeluv G Spot Vibrator for Vagina Stimulation, $, available at AmazonInflatable Family PoolSaraHow She Discovered It: “Gearing up for a backyard summer with my family of five (plus two dogs) — searching for some new outdoor swag to keep to kiddos entertained and found this gem.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Because I can also enjoy this. It’s big enough to fit me, my husband, and our three rambunctious kids — and maybe even our two pups.”Play Day Inflatable Family Pool (10-ft), $, available at AmazonElementi Milk FrotherMaryHow She Discovered It: “Through an R29 Mother’s Day gift guide when I was searching for something to get my mom…I got it for myself.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Not being able to go to my favorite coffee shop (I know a minor inconvenience compared to everything else that’s going on) has totally messed up my morning mojo. I really don’t love regular coffee and have always been a latte girl, which is where this boy comes in. It has single-handedly saved my morning workflow — because now POOF I can whip up homemade lattes with the same ease of my fave barista Keri (hope you’re well girl).”Elementi Milk Frother, $, available at Korean Exfoliating WashclothsCallaHow She Discovered It: “I splurged on a trip to a Korean spa where they scrub all your dead skin off. I noticed the mitts they wore and looked them up when I got home.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “While these don’t replicate the full spa experience they are much more affordable. They make my skin so much softer and more importantly, it’s incredibly satisfying to see the dead skin come off in rolls.”TeChef Home Korean Top Quality Exfoliating Bath Washcloth (4 PCS -, $, available at AmazonWireless Remote Control OutletKatieHow She Discovered It: “I was poking around online for lighting solutions.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I hate the harsh, overhead lighting in my apartment and prefer scattering lamps around. However, I am also lazy and hate getting up and leaning over furniture to reach their switches. I mounted the remote to the wall with command strips and it’s basically like having a light switch for all the lamps in one place. There’s also an outdoor version I use for my patio string lights so I can turn them on and off from bed.”Etekcity Etekcity Remote Control Outlet Wireless Remote Light Sw, $, available at AmazonO’Keeffe’s Foot CreamJacquiHow She Discovered It: “I have been using this foot cream for years.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Cracked, dry feet are the worst, but this product WORKS. That’s my short review but there are thousands of other positive reviews that go into way more detail.”O’Keeffe’s Foot Cream, $, available at AmazonCat-Eye SunglassesMarissaHow She Discovered It: “In a Refinery29 story that I researched and wrote. Hi, hello, yes, I work here.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I have finally accepted that I’m a serial loser of sunglasses. After my favorite pair of Céline sunnies — that I owned all of one (!) year — disappeared into thin air, I said, never again. No longer will I spend money on an item that I can’t trust myself to keep track of even if said item is perched on my head. These cat-eye sunnies are cheap and light. The lens quality is meh but they are so cute and fit every face that tries them on — even my own little head, as exhibited in this selfie with Amazon shades. If/when I lose these sunglasses I will buy another pair and feel good that the person who finds them will hopefully enjoy them too.YOSHYA Retro Cat-Eye Sunglasses (Pack of 2), $, available at AmazonKonjac Charcoal & Green Tea SpongeDeannaHow She Discovered It: “I had received a konjac sponge in my sub box, but had never used one before. I ended up loving it, so when it was used up I went hunting for another one on Amazon. The first one I purchased wasn’t very good and fell apart quickly, but these cute hearts last and last.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It’s a natural (made from the root of a plant) and sustainable way to exfoliate that’s been used for centuries! It’s organic, never tested on animals, and can be used all over the body. As an added bonus, they’re heart-shaped and come in a beautiful box that’s very giftable.”Konjac Sponge Konjac Sponge (3 Pack) Charcoal & Green Tea, $, available at AmazonServd. His & Hers Couples Card GameBrionyHow She Discovered It: “I saw an influencer post about it, and also saw an ad for it on Facebook.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It’s actually hilarious, such a fun game. The manscape card…OMG”Servd. His & Hers – The Hilarious New Real-Life Couples Card, $, available at AmazonOrthoComfort Deep Dish Pet BedLizHow She Discovered It: “Searching high and low for a cozy bed that would make my anxious pup feel at home while we are currently quarantined away from it.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “My boyfriend and I call this absolute gem, ‘The Snuggle Cup.’ My only wish is that they made it in a human size — because we could all use a little Snuggle Cuppin’ right now.”Best Friends By Sheri Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort Deep Dish Cuddler, $, available at AmazonPure Enrichment Portable SteamerSarahHow She Discovered It: “My sister pulled it out when I was visiting her and used it on my suitcase-creased clothes.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I live in a 300 sq ft studio so space is at a premium and I don’t have room for an ironing board. This lets me keep my clothes in good shape without sacrificing precious storage space. As a bonus, it’s small enough to fit in a carry-on which is convenient when traveling for weddings or other events you are bringing a nice outfit to.”Pure Enrichment PureSteam Portable Fabric Steamer (White), $, available at Amazon3D Octopus Cocktail GlassesEricaHow She Discovered It: “A Japanese restaurant served saki martinis in them.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Who doesn’t need octopus cocktail glasses? They are so cute. Small but fun to serve specialty cocktails in.”GaoCold 3D Octopus Cocktail Glasses, 4-Pack, $, available at AmazonProfessional Waiter’s CorkscrewCarolineHow She Discovered It: “I was looking for a good waiter corkscrew after years of using one that was just a little off in dimensions and caused me endless frustration. This one had lots of great reviews.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I love small, inexpensive items that I use frequently and work perfectly. This fits the bill. It cost less than lunch, I use it every week and it’s flawless, every cork comes out without a struggle.”HiCoup Kitchenware Professional Waiter’s Corkscrew, $, available at AmazonNAKED Peanut Butter PowderAmyHow She Discovered It: “I had been using other brands of peanut butter powder but was frustrated by the small size of the containers and relatively high cost. After lots of searching, I found this giant one for less than $20! It will last a long time.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It doesn’t have any added sugar like lots of other peanut butter powders, you get a ton of it, and it’s a great source of plant-based protein. Sometimes the brands that no one knows about are the best!”Naked 2lbs of 100{7a29899c2a662aacc0f1fbce4734bf0fa9b1728ca189d6de0dac31e0a8c80999} Premium Powdered Peanut Butter, $, available at AmazonDr.G Brightening Peeling GelLaurynHow She Discovered It: “I literally don’t remember. I’ve been trying to reverse-engineer this search for years — maybe from an old R29 article?” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I have literally never had an exfoliant that works SO well but is so gentle on my face. It feels amazing. I use it twice a week in the shower and the dead skin literally balls up and rolls off my face (gross, but amazing — like Baby Foot for your face). It lasts me for months and makes my skin so soft and smooth! Also, once my roommate had a friend over who knocked the bottle off the shelf in the shower and I came home to it exploded on the floor and reacted in much the same way someone would react if they came home to a murder scene. Tears.”Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel, 4.2 Ounce, $, available at AmazonLong-Sleeved Pleated Flare DressChristineHow She Discovered It: “Google!” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I never thought I’d find a dress similar to something Kate Middleton would wear at an affordable price. I feel like a duchess or something when I put it on.”Milumia Women’s Long Sleeve Pleated Fit & Flare Dress, $, available at AmazonBaebody Eye GelMaryHow She Discovered It: “A friend on Facebook raved about it. ” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “This is the most amazing eye gel — it feels so cool and comforting when I put it on in the morning, plus it soothes and reduces everything from puffiness to undereye baggies almost immediately. No residue and so perfect under makeup. It’s almost a magical elixir! I’m on my 4th jar.”Baebody Eye Gel, 1.7 Ounces, $, available at AmazonThumb PianoDarcyHow She Discovered It: “I was shopping for a Christmas gift for my music-loving dad and it popped up under the suggested items.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “My dad absolutely loved this gift! He was totally blown away. It feels like it’s high quality and it actually sounds really great — and all at such a great price (it’s hard to find good inexpensive instruments). My dad was convinced I spent a lot on this gift and doesn’t believe me when I tell him it wasn’t that much!”GECKO Kalimba 17 Keys Thumb Piano, $, available at AmazonGuzzini KitchenwareJuliaHow She Discovered It: “All the cute household/kitchen items at Eataly inspired my search for some extras of the little red-handled dessert forks I’d purchased there — and offers a bunch of Guzzini’s beautiful designs!”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Modern Italian designs with bright colors!”Guzzini Le Murrine Blue and Orange 9.8 Inch Bowl, $, available at AmazonLight Therapy LampStephanieHow She Discovered It: “I heard about SAD lamps over a year ago when a friend of a friend used it to combat her depression. Now that I’ve moved to the cold and dreary midwest I was searching for a way to bring light into my life — literally and figuratively.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I bought this item with no intention of enjoying it as much as I do. I thought it was a placebo until I used it myself. I actually look forward to waking up in the morning and getting ready with my SAD lamp. I turn it on while I’m showering and getting ready for the day because it mimics sunlight—which is a rarity in winter months in Chicago. Without this lamp, I don’t think the nine-ish days we went without sunlight would have been bearable. And I even use the SAD light for my dog. It helps when she can’t enjoy walks in the sunshine or see natural sunlight. “Gladle Portable Light Therapy Lamp, $, available at AmazonCotton Baseball Hat With High-Ponytail Hole LaurenHow She Discovered It: “I follow @ariellesays on Instagram and she linked to it in her stories.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It’s just super cute and goes with anything. I have this hat in a few colors and I give it out as a gift all the time because it’s only $10 with shipping! “Eohak Ponytail Baseball Hat Distressed Retro Washed Cotton Tw, $, available at AmazonU-Shaped Body PillowCatHow She Discovered It: “I first discovered this on a Facebook group where girls were sharing beauty tips.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “This item helps me to sleep on my back and protect my hair and skin. I also put a satin pillowcase on the pillow that I ordered from a seamstress on Etsy!”Meiz U-Shaped Body Pillow With Washable Cotton Cover, $, available at AmazonWeleda Skin Food CreamDonyaleHow She Discovered It: “I discovered Weleda Skin Food through a friend of mine from Germany. ” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “This product is super effective for keeping the skin soft and supple. Although my skin is a combination of dry and oily during the cold winter months, it still drinks this product up!  While rich in its consistency, it does not clog the pores or cause breakouts. It is one of the first natural, holistic, and organic brands on the market. Many compare it to the popular La Mer cream — only the price point for Weleda is substantially less and it still does wonders for my skin!”Weleda Skin Food Body Cream, 2.5 Ounce, $, available at Bamboo Bath TrayBiancaHow She Discovered It: “Was looking for items to feature in a self-care blog post; bubble baths came to mind… and voilá” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Baths are so underrated and this item helps you enjoy an hour of reading, mindless phone use, a glass of wine, etc… all at the same time. And it works for two people in a bath if you’re not too busy doing other stuff.”Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray, $, available at AmazonHigh-Waist Fleece-Lined LeggingsAshleyHow She Discovered It: “One of the mom’s groups I am in online had a thread about leggings and this brand was really popular.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “The fleece lining keeps me toasty on cold days and they add zero bulk — plus…pockets! Everyone could not believe that they fit like Lulu, weren’t see-through, and lasted a long time — for, like, twenty bucks.”90 Degree by Reflex High-Waist Fleece-Lined Leggings, $, available at AmazonMarble Ring Holder ConesSarahHow She Discovered It: “I first discovered it when I was searching for something to store/display my engagement ring when I wasn’t wearing it.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “My engagement ring is so treasured to me, we had reset the diamond from my mother-in-law’s original wedding ring, so I wanted a special place for it. Many ring holders I saw were flimsy or looked cheap, this one was solid marble, and had a modern look that I was proud to display. When I first discovered this item, it was only available in white marble, now they have black marble too! And I got a matching one for my husband’s wedding band. As friends started getting married left and right, I’ve gifted these ring holders a ton of times.”Craft Monkees Genuine Marble Ring Holder Cones (Set of 2), $, available at AmazonEssential Oil DiffuserTierneyHow She Discovered It: “I heard about it from my sister, who had previously purchased it for herself.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It is such a pleasant diffuser!  It came quickly and keeps my house so fresh.”VicTsing Essential Oil Diffuser, Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, $, available at AmazonCotton Sleep Mask SetCourtneyHow She Discovered It: “I was searching through Amazon to find THE perfect light-blocking sleep mask and up popped this gem.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I have trouble sleeping with any light around, and this soft and comfy mask makes it so I can’t see any. Most masks still allow some light in, but this one works just like blackout curtains. It’s so soft on the inside that you barely even feel like you’re wearing it. It also comes in a pack of two, so I have one for traveling as well.”Kimkoo Cotton Sleep Mask, 2-Pack, $, available at AmazonChampion SweatpantsPatriciaHow She Discovered It: “I was searching for Champion sweats and found just what I wanted on Amazon.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “No store has them — they’ve been discontinued everywhere but Amazon!”Champion Women’s Heritage Jogger Tight, $, available at AmazonCool Mist HumidifierLizHow She Discovered It: “My allergist.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It’s SO easy to fill and use on a daily basis — and makes such a difference for soothing my irritated sinuses.”TaoTronics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, 4L, $, available at AmazonNylon Travel BagKristinaHow She Discovered It: “I was browsing Amazon for an affordable, practical, and (most importantly) not-ugly travel bag. I’m taking a lot more trips for work now, and needed something that could fit a lot of items, withstand some heavy use, and not make me feel like a thru-hiker or grandma.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It’s a perfect size and can hold a deceiving amount of things. On a recent business trip, I fit: my 13” laptop and charging cable, small Moleskine notebook, lots of pens/markers, phone charger, Kindle, 2 tissue packs, makeup bag, hard sunglasses case, wallet, phone, Camelbak water bottle, beanie, with a scarf knotted onto the strap, all with no bulging pockets or overflowing compartments. I like it because it has a bunch of little zipper compartments to help you organize everything (like a good travel bag should) but also is modern enough in its style that you wouldn’t peg it as a “travel purse” right off the bat. The soft nylon material, boxy silhouette, and woven fabric cross-body strap put it somewhere aesthetically between a Baggu Cloud Bag and a classic Le SportSac. I’ve had it for almost 2 years and it still looks new.”ZOOEASS Waterproof Nylon Travel Messenger Bag (Green), $, available at AmazonSeamless Cotton ScrunchiesJaneHow She Discovered It: “My hairdresser first gave me one because she said that the traditional hair ties broke my hair because of the strong elastic in them — so I thought I would make my own because I couldn’t find ones that were multiple colored, but realized all the fabric was too expensive. A friend suggested Amazon and I found these seamless ones and the price was great.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It is really special to me because I am on a very tight budget and did start to realize my old elastics were breaking my hair and I was feeling bad about myself. This product and price point made me feel comfortable and better about myself and I have noticed a difference with my hair.”BETITETO 20-Pack Seamless Cotton Scrunchies (Multicolor), $, available at AmazonChelsea Rain Boots ClaireHow She Discovered It: “I was looking around for some rain boots because it suddenly got really rainy — and I always borrowed my mom’s before I went away to school — when I stumbled on these.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “They look so cute with everything and they work really well in the rain. And they were only 20 bucks!!! Sometimes I even wear them when the weather is fine just because I like them so much!”EYUSHIJIA Waterproof Slip-On Chelsea Rain Boots, $, available at AmazonWooden Nose Eyeglass HolderCoryHow She Discovered It: “I don’t remember.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It’s really cute and the perfect size for my nightstand.”Royal Wooden Nose Eyeglass Holder, $, available at AmazonDown Puffer JacketAshleighHow She Discovered It: “On a social media feed.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It is the best winter coat I have ever had. It’s warm enough for the cold winters and trendy enough for my hip Brooklyn neighborhood. I own the grey one and always get so many compliments on it. My first response is always ‘Thanks! I got it on Amazon!'”Emperor Goose Down Jacket Hooded Puffer Coat, Colorblock, $, available at AmazonNido Metal Tabletop Wine RackGreciaHow She Discovered It: “I had just moved into my new house and kept seeing my wine bottles just sitting there on the counter. I really didn’t think it looked organized or aesthetically pleasing so I went searching for a counter rack!” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I love the interesting shape, the gold color (not too yellow) and that it fits a good amount of bottles since we are a small household we don’t always have a ton of bottles to put away.”Nido Metal Tabletop 9 Bottle Wine Rack, $, available at AmazonTSLA High-Rise LeggingsWendyHow She Discovered It: “Looking through Amazon for yoga pants and it had great reviews.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I took a year off from work to try to get my life back in order. Part of that process was becoming a certified yoga teacher. Teaching yoga pays next to nothing and I was looking for yoga pants that fit well, felt good, didn’t stretch out right away and didn’t cost me a fortune. I stumbled on these: $14 for a pair of yoga pants that I wear several times a week, wash over and over and they still keep their shape, aren’t see-through, and look good. I went back and bought other colors, but the space-dyed charcoal are still my favorite. I get compliments on them all the time and I love that I didn’t have to spend a fortune!”TSLA High-Rise Yoga Capris With Pockets, $, available at AmazonLao Gan Ma Chili SauceJenniferHow She Discovered It: “I saw it mentioned in the Lorem Ipsum e-newsletter a year or two ago.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “This stuff is amazing. I’m usually a fiend for spicy food, but this isn’t spicy so much as it is crispy, salty, smoky heaven in a jar. Improves every savory thing it’s added to, in my opinion.”Lao Gan Ma Chilisauce Xiang La Cui (Pack of 3), $, available at AmazonBoyfriend Style Beach CoverupMelissaHow She Discovered It: “I wanted a few cute coverup options but didn’t want to spend too much money so I went to Amazon and spent some time looking around before I found this one.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “After a few years of dealing with infertility and many IVF treatments, my body and stomach are just not in a place that I’m comfortable with but traveling, especially to warm place when I can, is my escape. Because of this, I’ve been all about good coverups. After spending way too much on one from Free People, I started looking at Amazon to find a few I liked and this one has been my favorite. I first purchased it in white and then went back and got it in black and navy. It’s loose and cool, it hangs just right and it’s actually almost sexy in that “borrowed from the boys” oversized shirt style. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a coverup that doesn’t have pom-poms and ruffles etc which is not really my vibe.Ekouaer Boyfriend Beach Shirt, $, available at AmazonEpilator Facial Hair RemoverAlexandraHow She Discovered It: “Desperate to find a solution for removing rogue facial hair — and tired of paying the price for professional hair removal — I found this gem late one night while searching Amazon.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Let’s be frank, every girl I know struggles with facial hair removal: from full-blown mustaches to the one-off chin hair we’re all waxing, tweezing, laser-ing unwanted hair from our faces. My face, in particular, is covered in peach fuzz and the occasional whisker (or five). With hair too blonde to be lasered and too sensitive for waxing, my only option was threading…I was tired of spending money on threading, so I searched Amazon for a solution. I came upon my hidden gem: the Facial Hair Removal Epilator. The epilator is a little wand with a metal spring that you roll over the areas where you want to remove hair. It takes a few uses to get the hang of the technique, but once you do…. voila! At $8.39 it’s the best beauty investment I have ever made. I roll it over my chin quickly each morning after brushing my teeth to remove any unsightly hairs that may have sprung up overnight. I have recommended it to my mom and to all of my friends and everyone loves this incredible find from Amazon.”MAZU Facial Hair Removal Epilator, $, available at AmazonPlus-Size Pleather Peplum TopJessicaHow She Discovered It: “I did a google search. Since we have prime, I figured if it didn’t fit, I could return it easily. ” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “My hidden gem is a plus size pleather peplum top. I ordered it for my 39ish birthday party. It’s super cute and nice quality. It’s hard to find good quality, trendy plus size clothing. I didn’t want to spend a lot of cash on something I wouldn’t wear a lot. I do suggest sizing up. It’s not really special BUT it’s definitely fun! And it makes me want to search Amazon for more clothes.”Red Dot Boutique Plus-Size Pleather Peplum Top, $, available at AmazonBeaded Bird Tassel EarringsJaneHow She Discovered It: “These earrings were possibly a recommended product on my Amazon homepage? Honestly not too sure, but I remember snapping them up the moment I saw them. No clue what BEST LADY is, but they make some cute earrings.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I love bright, colorful, interesting earrings. They can brighten up any outfit and make it feel more joyful.”Best Lady Beaded Bird Tassel Earrings, $, available at AmazonLeather Travel Jewelry CaseCaitlinHow She Discovered It: “I was browsing for a travel jewelry case, and wanted something that could carry enough to last through a two-week vacation but also would be small enough to fit in a carry-on bag.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I think this is the best jewelry case I’ve seen because it has space to fit any kind of necklace, bracelet, earring, or ring, is stylish, and can fit easily in a carry-on because of its slim design. Also, compared to other similar organizers, this one clocks in under $40, which made it perfect for my price range. I’d obviously rather spend my money booking another trip than on a designer jewelry case. “CASE ELEGANCE Saffiano Leather Travel Jewelry Case, $, available at AmazonRose-Quartz Money TreeCatherineHow She Discovered It: “On a coworker’s desk.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I believe in the universe, chakras, crystals and to find something so elegantly creative to hold such a powerful representation brings me peace and tranquility. “Top Plaza Chakra Healing Crystals Rose Quartz Money Tree, $, available at AmazonVelvet Tufted HeadboardRebecca How She Discovered It: “I really wanted an Anthropologie channel tufted bed when I moved into my first apartment, but I also wanted to stay within my budget so I tried to find a similar look elsewhere. I looked at several home furniture sites until I decided to give Amazon a go. I found this adjustable headboard right away and it looks just as good as the $700+ ones I had wanted earlier.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “There were so many cute color options, it was easy to attach to my bed, it’s very sturdy, and I got the look I wanted for my room for a really great price.”Modway Alyson Chevron Tufted Velvet Headboard, Teal, $, available at AmazonPlaid BlazerSaraHow She Discovered It: “Was looking for a new blazer and found this in a search.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I rarely see someone else wearing something similar. Always get compliments when I wear it.”Aancy Plaid Blazer With Elbow Patches, $, available at AmazonTerracotta Self-Watering Plant StakesRachelHow She Discovered It: “I can’t remember. Maybe my mom. Maybe I read about it.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Watering stakes to keep my plant babies healthy even when I’m gone — one of those helpful tools to keep my thumb green.”Modern Innovations Terracotta Self-Watering Plant Stakes (4 Count), $, available at AmazonFloral Bohemian Tassel DressTeresaHow She Discovered It: “Stumbled upon it looking for something else.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “They are such cute dresses that look great on literally everyone and are only $28!”R.Vivimos Long-Sleeve Floral Tassel Midi Dress, $, available at Amazoneufy RoboVacJennyHow She Discovered It: “I’ve always wanted an iRobot vacuum, but could never justify paying the full price of $500+. I kept my eye out for Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals but even with those promos, the thing was ~$400. During that time, I kept seeing this eufy vacuum pop up. I had never heard about the brand before, but it was a best-seller, had amazing reviews, and Amazon recommended, which made me feel confident that the thing wouldn’t break after a few uses. There was also a Cyber Monday promo going on so I took a leap of faith and purchased it for around $190.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Since I bought this thing, my live-in boyfriend of 4 years and I haven’t had a single argument about who has to vacuum! We have very different levels of cleanliness so the frequency of vacuuming has always been a contention. Now we just have this scheduled to run every few days. I know money doesn’t solve all your problems, but it did solve this one! For me, it was WELL worth the $190.”eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S MAX, $, available at AmazonSojos Polarized SunglassesAngelaHow She Discovered It: “I saw an ad on Instagram.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “The sunglasses are trendy, cheap, and hold up very well. I’m on my second pair and I always get compliments on them.”Sojos Classic Square Polarized Sunglasses Unisex, $, available at AmazonHard As Hoof Nail Strengthening CreamMarisHow She Discovered It: “Google research.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “My nails have been weak and brittle for as long as I can remember. About a year ago I decided to stop going to salons and give my nails a little TLC at home. During my research, I found a nail lotion called Hard As Hoof with thousands of 5-star ratings so I decided to give it a try. And I am so glad I did! The lotion itself smells great and has tons of natural ingredients and my nails look amazing week to week. They have grown as never before and rarely chip or break. You can massage the lotion onto your nails even when you have nail polish on. Hard as Hoof lotion will always be part of my nail care routine!”Onyx Professional Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream, $, available at AmazonPadded Headband JenHow She Discovered It: “I wanted a padded headband but wasn’t sure about committing to the trend so I didn’t want to spend too much.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It took a moment to get it — maybe about two weeks — so I was relieved when it came. In the end, it was exactly what I wanted. It was good quality and packaged nicely and even came with a note from the seller. I have a smaller head and it fits perfectly atop. It’s exactly the look I was going for!”LONEEDY Velvet Padded Headbands (8-Pack), $, available at AmazonStasher Reusable Food BagsMegan How She Discovered It: “Searching for a sustainable alternative to plastic ziplock baggies…a pack of those things used to fly off my cabinet shelves like hotcakes.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “These eco-friendly storage solutions aren’t only ideal for saving leftovers and snacks, but they’re also perfect pouches for keeping everything from loose change to vitamins and makeup essentials organized inside a chaotic purse or gym bag. Plus, I love the fun neon pink to green and aqua blue color options.”Stasher 100{7a29899c2a662aacc0f1fbce4734bf0fa9b1728ca189d6de0dac31e0a8c80999} Silicone Food Bag, Sandwich Size (15-oz), $, available at AmazonCell-Phone Holder Selfie Ring LightRia MichelleHow She Discovered It: “I needed a tripod and a remote and was looking for an option on Amazon.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “This is such a great tool because it holds your phone and can clip on to different services, has a ring light that has different levels of brightness and also tones of light for any occasion. It even comes with a remote so you can seamlessly start and stop recording without touching the phone at all.”UBeesize Cell-Phone Holder Selfie Ring Light (3-Light Mode), $, available at AmazonHigh-Waisted Bell Bottom JeansSydneyHow She Discovered It: “Showed up in my discover section while on the hunt for a pair of flare jeans for women under 5’2. ” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “The quality is amazing, the fit is the most flattering, and the length is actually perfect. Plus they look like Show Me Your Mumu flares at a quarter of the cost. I’ve worn them a million times and they’ve held their shape. I’ve been sending the link to everyone. All three of my sisters ordered them, we’re all different body types and they all look fantastic!”Lala Ikai High-Waisted Bell Bottom Jeans, $, available at AmazonPortable Ice MachineChristineHow She Discovered It: “My mom’s coworker had one.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I wanted one because I only have ice cube trays that I have to wait hours for the cubes to freeze in — plus, with filtered water, you can have the greatest ice with no gross freezer after taste.”Antartic Star Countertop Portable Ice Maker Machine, $, available at AmazonBAGGU Duck Bag Canvas Tote CristinaHow She Discovered It: “I was searching for a new tote bag.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I love everything about it, the size, color and pattern, the material and the fact that as a tote bag, it’s more robust and you can close it, so things don’t drop out. It also comes in so many cool themes. “Baggu Duck Bag Canvas Tote, Leopard, $, available at AmazonDotted-Grid NotebookBriannaHow She Discovered It: “I was taking a free LinkedIn class on graphic design (I help friends/family with logos in my spare time), and the instructor stated that although you are creating images on various websites or software applications, drawing/sketching by hand is key. He recommended a dotted journal that you can carry around with you, so I hit Amazon to find my journal!” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “My journal is special to me because not only am I using it to build up my portfolio, I use it if I need an escape from my day-to-day. Drawing/sketching relaxes and centers me. I carry my journal along with me all day, every day just in case I get a great idea and need to come back to it later, or whenever I get past my writers/artist block.”UrSunshine Dotted Grid Notebook/Journal, $, available at AmazonMike’s Hot Honey SubscriptionAndyHow She Discovered It: “I’ve been eating this for years but I think I first discovered it at Paulie Gee’s pizza because they drizzle it on the pizza and it’s like insanely delicious. Actually I had no idea until I looked it up for this answer that Mike of Mike’s Hot Honey worked at Paulie Gee’s and that’s where he got started??? I never knew/thought about this!” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It’s not really hidden since it’s a pretty well known and liked product but this is the very first item I have ever opted to use Amazon’s ‘subscribe & save’ feature for. It saves me about a dollar and have it delivered every two months. I use this honey in tea and put it on food and ice cream because I love it so much so I run out about every month or so and it happens to be cheaper on Amazon than anywhere else and I’ve never had any issues getting a weird or outdated bottle since it comes directly from Mike’s Hot Honey.”Mike’s Hot Honey 12 oz Squeeze Bottle, $, available at AmazonMammoth Lint RollerLibbyHow She Discovered It: “Hilary Rhoda’s Instagram (her husband is a neat-freak).”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I mean, it’s a giant lint roller! Enough said! It’s especially helpful on my cowhide rug (vs. dealing with it getting sucked into vacuum) and it takes half the time to de-lint my coats/sweaters. I love it so much — by far my favorite Amazon purchase!”Mammoth Extra Large Lint Roller, 2 Rollers and 2 Refills, $, available at AmazonOrganic Cotton Maxi PadsAndreaHow She Discovered It: “I went to Amazon and typed in, ‘organic cotton maxi pads,’ and voila.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I wanted organic cotton pads that don’t have any scent or extra chemicals. I also think they’re more comfortable than that sort of plastic-y texture that can give me a rash and just be plain gross. These are 100{7a29899c2a662aacc0f1fbce4734bf0fa9b1728ca189d6de0dac31e0a8c80999} organic, USDA-certified, non-GMO, and made in the USA without the use of toxins, pesticides, or synthetic chemicals. Also, I know I am a grown woman and like, who gives an F, but there is something appealing about getting a package of maxi pads delivered discreetly to your door than carrying it home in a flimsy see-through bag. Now that I know I like these, I ordered an economy pack so I don’t have to worry about it for a while.”Rael Certified Organic Cotton Ultra Thin Pads with Wings (28, $, available at AmazonOver-The-Shoulder Loose Knit SweaterSaraHow She Discovered It: “I was looking for off-the-shoulder sweaters and came across it after an extensive search on Amazon.” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It is so incredibly soft, and can be worn a couple of different ways depending on how much shoulder you want to expose. It’s warm enough for winter, but lightweight enough for spring and fall. Plus, I get TONS of compliments every time I wear it and people are shocked when I tell them it’s from Amazon!”Exlura Off-The-Shoulder Loose Knit Sweater, $, available at AmazonHDTV Digital AntennaLaurenHow She Discovered It: “Many of my millennial friends have been looking for ways to ‘cut the cord’ when it comes to cable. I was researching all different streaming services for live streaming cable channels. When adding up the costs plus the internet, we were coming out only a few dollars cheaper than having an actual cable box. The best thing I found was the HDTV Antenna. My dad had one in his garage and said he gets upwards of 60 channels. When I was looking on Amazon, this one had some of the best reviews and I purchased on a lightning deal for $21!” Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “We get 70 channels with this antenna. And all the channels are 4k quality clear. We really only wanted the major networks to be able to keep up with news and sports. I think most people still think antenna equals big ugly bunny ears on the top of your tv. This antenna is paper-thin, and we hung it up right behind our TV so you can’t even see it. The other reason I think this is a special hidden gem is it’s a one time purchase of $21 and we get more channels then we need, compared to paying $40+ per/mo for streaming. I believe if more people know about these new high tech antennas they would be saving a ton of money every month!”HDS HDTV Digital Antenna 4K 1080p, $, available at AmazonElectric Candle LighterNatalieHow She Discovered It: “Through Instagram.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Finally found a lighter that won’t run out of fuel AND won’t burn my fingers when I’m trying to spark up a burnt down candlewick.”haino Rechargeable Electric Arc Lighter, $, available at AmazonReusable Makeup Remover ClothsArletteHow She Discovered It: “A beauty shopping roundup.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Saves me so much money, I don’t need to use disposable wipes anymore which have chemicals — and these are chemical-free! I just add water and then with a swift buff all my makeup comes off (including waterproof mascara). I’ve already bought this four times!”Miracle Miracle Face Erase Makeup Remover Cloths (2 Pack), $, available at AmazonSterling Silver Cobra EarringsKateHow She Discovered It: “Searching for jewelry on Amazon — this brand has very interesting options at reasonable prices.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It’s a hidden gem because the pieces feel like they are high quality but still super unique.”Wild Things Sterling Silver Cobra Hook Earrings, $, available at AmazonAdult Drinking Card GameSarahHow She Discovered It: “After it went viral on Twitter.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It’s HILLARIOUS… and gets you drunk!”These Cards Will Get You Drunk These Cards Will Get You Drunk – Adult Card Game, $, available at AmazonMakeup Sponge Blender Set Kellie How She Discovered It: “I was looking for an alternative to the Beauty Blender, and these were highly reviewed and so cheap, I just had to try them.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Under $2 a sponge vs $20 for the beauty blender and I like it better! I went back to the beauty blender for a day when I ran out of these sponges and I didn’t like it anymore! I’m never spending $20 on a sponge again!”Getter Makeup Sponge Blender Set (7), $, available at AmazonPortable Storage DriveRissaHow She Discovered It: “Youtube.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I like to travel as light as possible which is a little counterintuitive for a woman who edits video for a living. This little device is light, reliable and soooo necessary for anyone who makes content.”Samsung T5 Portable SSD, $, available at AmazonNo Sebum Mineral PowderAprilHow She Discovered It: “I read about it on a website about products that help with oily skin.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It’s one of the best products I have ever used. I’ve struggled with acne since I was 12. Now that I’m older, I’ve been trying to find products to help control it and the oiliness. I use acne medication, a good moisturizer, and then this on top. It keeps my skin so soft and helps with the oil perfectly. I can’t recommend it enough!”Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder, $, available at AmazonEngraved Wooden Cutting BoardEveHow She Discovered It: “List of ideas for personalized gifts.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I was searching for something a little nicer to gift my future in-laws at Christmas — and I knew even if they didn’t use it to cook, they’d put it up on display.”Straga Products Olive Wreath Engraved Cutting Board, $, available at AmazonAll-Day Liquid EyelinerKarinaHow She Discovered It: “Before I started working in beauty, I heavily researched every makeup purchase I made, whether I was shopping at the drugstore or Sephora. This Maybelline liquid eyeliner pen was one of my earlier purchases, but years later, I keep coming back to it because it’s just that good. Plus, if I ever forgot to pack my eyeliner when traveling, I’ll always know it’s a solid pick for an emergency shopping trip.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It can be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, a felt-tip liquid eyeliner is like the little black dress of beauty products. It makes a chic, clean statement worn by itself, but also compliments virtually any eyeshadow look you’re going for. And as the name aptly points out, the tip is super precise, which allows me to create a barely-there wing or go more dramatic with the shape. In other words, it’s the perfect drugstore liquid eyeliner.”Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise All Day Liquid Eyeliner, $, available at AmazonBlack High-Waist LeggingsCaseyHow She Discovered It: “Trial and error plus lots of Amazon comments section trolling.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “This pair of leggings passes the see-through squat test in flying colors. No underwear showing here! They are super matte and on the thicker side which I like. I also like how high they are on the waist for indoor cycling so everything stays comfortably in place. Bonus: lots of pockets which is a take it or leave it for me personally but a bonus for runners etc.”ODODOS High-Waist Leggings With Pockets, $, available at AmazonDiamond Wedding RingKristynHow She Discovered It: “So this is a similar style ring – I can’t find my exact ring. But, it was given to me on Christmas eve when I got engaged 🙂 My main stone is 1.6 ctw “very good” quality diamond and I think was around 4k he never told me the exact amount.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “My husband and I both really enjoy deal shopping — it’s one of our pastimes haha so he knew I’d have no issues with him getting a great deal on my ring — I just wanted to be married! It’s an antique-style setting and really fits my style so I immediately fell in love with it. Once we got it appraised it was valued at a lot more than he paid — like 7k more! It came with an appraisal certificate that was already more than he paid but we took it to a reputable jeweler who went NUTS for it and appraised it even higher. Jewelers especially often ask me if its a family heirloom because they say it’s beautifully crafted. I love it so much i choose to wear it on my right hand because I don’t want a band taking any attention away from the details on the sides.”Houston Diamond District Princess Cut 14K White Gold Prong-Set Diamond Ring, $, available at AmazonCountertop OvenDonnaHow She Discovered It: “Youtube.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “We purchased this when we got rid of our microwave. The many features this machine has rocks — and even though we typically only use a handful of them, they all work very well; the toast settings are super accurate and it has an awesome Rotisserie part so I can slow roast chicken. The only thing I miss about our old microwave is how quickly I could heat things up, but the pro of my food tasting better way outweighs that con. I highly recommend and love love love it!”ConvectionWorks Hi-Q Intelligent Countertop Oven Set, $, available at AmazonAvarelle Acne Absorbing Cover PatchKatie How She Discovered It: “Surfing Amazon’s indie-beauty scene.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “As one reviewer said it best, these little patches are ‘miracle workers.’ Coming from someone with sensitive skin prone to additional flareups from using harsher acne-related formulas, this absolute hidden gem of a product caused no irritation whatsoever and actually soothed my skin while clearing up my blemish overnight. I’m a believer.”Avarelle Acne Absorbing Cover Patch (40-Pack), $, available at AmazonSoy-Wax Candle Giftset ElizabethHow She Discovered It: “Searching for housewarming gift ideas.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Easy housewarming gift for someone living with roommates! It’s practical, makes the house smell nice, and no one has to claim direct ownership of it.”YINUO LIGHT Scented Candle Gift Set, 100{7a29899c2a662aacc0f1fbce4734bf0fa9b1728ca189d6de0dac31e0a8c80999} Natural Soy Wax, $, available at AmazonTerra Ties Biodegradable Hair ElasticsCourtneyHow She Discovered It: “Heard about them from a friend who works in beauty!”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “As someone who is constantly losing hair ties — seriously, where do they go?! — the thought of them collecting dust somewhere keeps me up at night. Enter: Terra Ties. They look and feel just like the drugstore black elastics you know, love, and seriously can’t keep misplacing, but are made of an entirely biodegradable blend of organic cotton and natural rubber. Even better, they don’t leave weird bends or creases in your hair, and the paperboard they arrive packaged in is also compostable. Freaking. Genius.”Terra Ties Biodegradable Elastic Hair Ties (27-Pack), $, available at AmazonBlonde & Silver ShampooSloanHow She Discovered It: “My old deskmate told me about it and no other toning product compares.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It is SO cheap and it lasts so long and it works so well. I tried to find it in a beauty supply store and couldn’t even find it, way to go Amazon you’ve got me. It works so well and I tell every blonde to use it.”Clairol Shimmer Lights Original Shampoo Blonde & Silver 8 oz., $, available at Amazon100{7a29899c2a662aacc0f1fbce4734bf0fa9b1728ca189d6de0dac31e0a8c80999} Bamboo ShelfAngelinaHow She Discovered It: “I was searching for furniture that would help maximize the space in my tiny (and I mean really tiny) room in NYC.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I had a really odd indent in my room that created an extra 14 x 14 corner (if that makes sense) and I wanted to make the most of it! I couldn’t find anything that was the correct dimensions and basically scoured all over until I found this standing storage rack. I know it says it’s a bathroom rack but I think it looks pretty cute in a bedroom AND it was extremely easy to put together.”SONGMICS 100{7a29899c2a662aacc0f1fbce4734bf0fa9b1728ca189d6de0dac31e0a8c80999} Bamboo 4-Tier Shelf, $, available at Amazon45-Pack Of Assorted Velvet ScrunchiesKaraHow She Discovered It: “My heart skipped a beat when I came across this scrunchie gold mine on ‘Recommended For You’ page. (What can I say? Amazon knows me very well.)”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Not only do you now have a scrunchie for every outfit, you can theoretically go a full month (plus about an extra week) without repeating a. single. one. Plus, at $14, each one comes out to less than 50 cents each. (!!)”Chloven Velvet Hair Scrunchies (45-Pc Set), $, available at AmazonMini Desk HumidifierLizHow She Discovered It: “Searching for something to turn my barren winter desk space into a moisture-rich oasis.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Not only does this mini-size humidifier keep my workspace and my face feeling hydrated throughout the day, but its succulent-shape also adds a touch of greenery that I can’t kill.”Aoloda Cool-Mist Portable Mini Cactus Humidifier, $, available at AmazonCotton Long-Sleeve Tee RoseHow She Discovered It: “I was browsing through Amazon and saw it.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It’s SUCH a good quality shirt for every day. It’s super soft and I wear it practically every day with leggings and it never stretches out or wears.”Amazon Essentials Women’s Long-Sleeve T-Shirt, $, available at AmazonColossus Duffle BagNinaHow She Discovered It: “While I was browsing Amazon for a new gym bag.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “While this huge duffle bag is definitely WAY too big for the gym, something about its massive size and military-like design really spoke to me. It was also on sale, so I took a chance. The epic size was actually kind of perfect and allowed me to overpack just enough on a recent trip to Europe, where a variety of outfit changes was very crucial. Highly recommend!”Condor Colossus Duffle Bag, $, available at AmazonReusable Bamboo Cotton PadsJessicaHow She Discovered It: “I was looking for reusable pads that I could swap out my cotton rounds with (I’m very picky about cotton rounds — the ones I got from the drugstore always left random strands of cotton on my face!) So I googled and found these. At first, I ended up with ones that were nursing pads, but these are smaller and softer, IMO. “Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I use these every day — sometimes two! They’re great for taking off makeup with makeup remover, a quick cleanse with micellar water, or applying toner. I just toss them in a delicates bag and wash them with the rest of my laundry.”Wegreeco Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads, $, available at AmazonCable-Twist Boyfriend CardiganMaddieHow She Discovered It: “Cruising the web for an under-$50, top-rated slouchy sweater I could wear with and layer over just about anything.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “The quality of this sweater is surprisingly high for the low price. Plus, it feels more unique than picking up this season’s version from Zara or H&M along with everyone else. It’s kinda like my grandma made it or my mom wore…but chic.”futurino Cable-Twist Long Boyfriend Cardigan, $, available at AmazonMissha Aqua Sun Gel SPF 50SerenaHow She Discovered It: “My coworker gave me her 12 step skincare routine and this is by far one of my favorite recommendations.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I used to associate SPF with sticky, slimy and something that would clog my pores. But leaving the house without SPF on my face makes me feel like having intercourse without a condom. UNPROTECTED. This sunscreen feels almost like a serum that sinks right into the skin and doesn’t smell like I just made out with a lifeguard.”Missha All-Around Safe Block Aqua Sun Gel, SPF 50, $, available at AmazonRuffled Swing DressMadeline How She Discovered It: “My secret vice: the #founditonamazon hashtag.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It’s the perfect transitional dress, and obviously meant to be worn solo during the warmer months. When the temperature starts to drop, I’ll layer it over a turtleneck and jeans — the print isn’t too summery, so it won’t look out of season.”Mitilly Ruffled Swing Dress, $, available at AmazonNatural Nutrient Boost Eye SerumCandace How She Discovered It: “Instagrammers.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Their Restore Eye Serum is the best eye product I’ve tried because it doesn’t clump into white spots on my skin, unlike others.”akar skin Natural Nutrient Boost Eye Serum, $, available at AmazonHoxis Pu Leather ToteErinHow She Discovered It: “Through R29’s Instagram-like handbag story!”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I feel like the best Amazon finds are pieces that don’t try and do too much, and this minimalist tote is a perfect example of that. I get so many compliments on how elegant it looks and no one can ever believe it’s a faux leather bag that I snagged for under $20.”Hoxis Soft Pu Leather Small Tote, $, available at AmazonWhite Marble Ring-HolderSarahHow She Discovered It: “I was looking for something on-trend and unique to display my many rings. Something that was also stylish and looks good on my vanity.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “This is one of those items that you didn’t know you needed until you had one. I absolutely love that its made of solid marble. It feels good to hold and is an affordable way to add some marble accent to my home. I use it every day to hold my engagement ring when I’m not wearing it. I’ve also gifted this many friends and they all loved it! It’s a small and lovely gift that I’ve given for engagement parties, bridal showers, coworkers, etc.”Craft Monkees White Carrara Marble Ring Holder, $, available at AmazonSnake Print BootLaurenHow She Discovered It: “I was searching for new snakeskin stamped boots for the fall.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I had my eye on the Sam Edelman Walden snakeskin boots but they’re $170. I was so happy to find a similar pair in stock online.”Carlos by Carlos Santana Snakeskin Ankle Boots (Vegan), $, available at AmazonPerfume Bottle Shaped AirPods CaseVanessa How She Discovered It: “Looking for something to differentiate my air-pods from everyone else.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Cute and special design for an affordable price.”UR Sunshine Perfume Bottle Shape AirPods Case, $, available at AmazonVolume & Curl Super Waterproof MascaraSarah How She Discovered It: “Japanese makeup and skincare top 10 lists on a whole bunch of different makeup blogs I follow all gave this particular brand glowing reviews, so I had to check it out.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I have a fraught history with mascara, especially waterproof formulas. Drugstore mascara wands get gunky really fast and don’t give me an even application. Higher-end brands aren’t much better, plus they’re exorbitantly expensive. Mascara removal sucks too. Those Almay pads people swear by? That Lancome formula? They’re both oily as hell and I end up having to rub pretty hard to get my eye makeup off. BUT! This Heroine Make stuff? It comes off with a swipe of Pond’s and lasts all day. The price is right, too. Bless up.”Heroine Make Volume & Curl Super Waterproof Mascara, $, available at AmazonSheer Soft Cup BraJacqui How She Discovered It: “I took a punt one day cause I was Googling mesh bras and stumbled upon this one — I am never not wearing this bra.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It is literally the best bra known to man, super cheap and the best material ever.”Gossard Glossies Sheer Bra, $, available at AmazonScalp Massager & Exfoliating BrushLoretoHow She Discovered It: “On one of my late-night Amazon rabbit holes.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I was looking for a dandruff solution when I came upon this gem. All the other options seemed to only work for a couple of weeks before the silicon brushes would break, so I took a chance on this brush and it’s completely changed my life! Every time I wash my hair and use this brush my scalp feels so clean, and it does a better job than my fingers ever will, plus it’s helped remove my dandruff almost to nothing. I truly appreciate this product.”Zyllion Scalp Massager Dandruff Brush, $, available at AmazonStorage Coffee TableCorrieHow She Discovered It: “I was looking for coffee tables.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It holds a lot of stuff which is really useful in my tiny apartment. I can store things in it for my living room where I am lacking storage. It is also very clean and neat looking. The style goes perfectly with my West Elm couch and looks much higher-end than it is. “Versanora Dawson Coffee Table, $, available at AmazonIonic Hair Straightener BrushJulia How She Discovered It: “Prime Day Lightning Deal.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I bought this because I recently went up to a coworker and asked what the occasion for her blowout was. She then told me she just quickly used a heated brush that morning. Her hair looked amazing so I took advantage of Prime Day and bought this one. I am truly shocked by how well it works. I now use it almost every morning instead of a regular brush and it makes me just look that much more put together!”GLAMFIELDS Ionic Hair Straightener Brush, $, available at AmazonCeramic Lip AshtrayCait How She Discovered It: “Last year, I started noticing funky, sculptural ashtrays seemed to suddenly be everywhere (thanks legalization!) and I wanted to buy one. I have a weird obsession with lip motifs and saw something similar to this somewhere else, but for much more money. I searched around and couldn’t believe how inexpensive this one was. It looks very high-quality IRL!”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It definitely adds a little extra oomph to my coffee table. Even if you don’t smoke, it’s perfect for storing jewelry or other odds and ends in, and it’s a great conversation piece.”Loghot Ceramic Lip Ashtray, $, available at AmazonPearl HairclipsSashaHow She Discovered It: “I was searching for cute, cheap hair clips after seeing an influencer wearing them.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Hair clips are all over Instagram right now and these are the perfect detail to get the look for an affordable price.”Messen Decorative Artificial Pearl Barrettes (Set of 3), $, available at AmazonIce RollerStephanie How She Discovered It: “The girls in my office found these for a Palm Springs’ bachelorette weekend to use as hangover remedies.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “They loved them so much that we ended up stocking them in our office freezer for 3 p.m. pick me ups and early morning meetings! A game changer in 45 seconds — also helpful for feeling refreshed if you have to head straight from the office to after-work plans.”esarora Ice Roller, $, available at AmazonCotton Ruffle SocksRubyHow She Discovered It: “I was browsing for interesting socks, like always! And I am always on the hunt for high-cotton blends that don’t feel cheapy.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I mostly wear loafers and oxfords, which I love pairing with skirts or cropped pants and kooky socks or colorful socks, and this six-pack of cute ankle socks was a no-brainer!”MCool Mary Ankle Ruffle Socks (6 Pack), $, available at Amazon100{7a29899c2a662aacc0f1fbce4734bf0fa9b1728ca189d6de0dac31e0a8c80999} Pure Hyaluronic AcidCareyHow She Discovered It: “Searching on Amazon.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I add three drops of this to my expensive serums and creams and it extends the life and adds moisture. It lasts forever and is inexpensive. Game changer!”Watts 100{7a29899c2a662aacc0f1fbce4734bf0fa9b1728ca189d6de0dac31e0a8c80999} Pure Hyaluronic Acid, $, available at AmazonOver-The-Knee BootsSheridanHow She Discovered It: “I ordered these boots myself after watching a few YouTube video reviews. I will scour the internet for hours watching video reviews. These boots received nothing but great product reviews and recommendations.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I’m a personal style consultant. I had a client that wanted my recommendations for Black OTK boots that were comfortable, stylish and wouldn’t break the bank. These boots are spot-on and a dupe for any luxury designer OTK boot.”N.N.G Over-The-Knee Suede Square-Heel Boots, $, available at AmazonCute Portable Mini VacuumRebeccaHow She Discovered It: “I discovered it in the Shuk while I was living in Tel Aviv. When I moved to NY I needed one for my new apartment so I searched on Amazon and voila! Now every person who comes to our apartment asks where it’s from and we give them out as gifts. We probably have at least 5 of them stocked in our closet right now.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It’s just so useful! We keep it on our coffee table and use it at least once a night after we eat by the tv or have company over.”RONGT RONGT Mini Cute Table Dust Vacuum Cleaner , $, available at AmazonFace-Mask CollectionSallyHow She Discovered It: “Browsing around!”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “Less than 2 dollars per sheet mask. Plus they feel amazing after putting them in the fridge for a couple of minutes.”Dermal Collagen Essence Facial Sheet Masks (24 Combo Pack), $, available at AmazonOne-Shoulder GownArianna How She Discovered It: “I was going to a black-tie wedding and didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress, and I had an Amazon gift card so…I googled formal dresses on Amazon and found one with rave reviews. A lot of girls mentioned using it as a bridesmaid dress!”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I only paid $50 for it, I got a lot of compliments on it, AND have turned multiple people onto the same dress — so a lot of my friends own it as well.”Ever Pretty One-Shoulder Evening Dress, $, available at AmazonDouble-Sided Tape KatherineHow She Discovered It: “Years ago when I was a fashion assistant, the stylist I was assisting used it on a photoshoot to keep shirts and makeshift hems in place.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “This wig tape is cheaper, stronger, and more reliable than the traditional ‘fashion tape.’ Works like a charm to make sure blouses don’t gape and garments stay in the right place when there’s lots of movement on-set. It’s great for swim shoots too. It’s one of my many secret weapons I keep stocked in my styling kit.”No Shine Bonding Double Sided Tape Strips (36 Pieces Per Bag), $, available at AmazonLeather Passport HolderAmandaHow She Discovered It: “I was looking for a Christmas gift that I could give to all of my aunts.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “It looks and feels great, and the marbled motif is very pretty. Because all of my family will be traveling for my wedding next year, this was a cute and fun way to thank the girls in our group.”Leminimo Leather Marble Passport Holder, $, available at AmazonFacial Cleansing OilSashaHow She Discovered It: “Got deep into the cleansing oil craze and went down an Amazon Prime rabbit hole to find the best buy.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “This stuff is seriously just as good if not better than the Josie Maran one. It’s bigger, less expensive, and I can order it to my doorstep next-day with Prime. My skin has never looked better and it’s such a nourishing replacement for the harsher foaming washes I was using before that would dry out and irritate my skin.”DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, $, available at AmazonLED-Light Baseball CapMiaHow She Discovered It: “Amazon search: dog poop solutions.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “I bought this as a present for my dad. He always walks our dog at night and the backyard and neighborhood is awfully dark. It’s hard to hold a flashlight AND pick up dog poop, so this hat offers a very special solution. Dad loved it and so did Skippy.”UltraKey Hands-Free LED Light Baseball Cap , $, available at AmazonCooling Under-Eye MasksAnnaHow She Discovered It: “Searching for allergy season essentials.”Why It’s A Hidden Gem: “These cooling gel strips are honestly my spring through summer lifesavers when allergy season kicks in and my under-eyes start looking like something out of a zombie movie.”Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, 8 count, $, available at AmazonLike what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?Amazon’s Most Viral Hidden Beauty Gems, FoundIs Everyone Buying Swimsuits From Amazon Now?This Unknown Amazon Brand Has Stylish Summer Finds